For the first time,
I'm sharing my story with the world.


My Boxes


I have spent my life being placed in many boxes, the first of which was the box of being a good Seychellois, Catholic girl, growing up in Seychelles in the 80s. The next box I was put in was because of my weight.

Growing up in a small society where everyone knows everyone, comes with its fair bit of social pressures and


We seem to be forever living our lives to please others; following the crowd and keeping up with peers, just so that we do not feel like an outcast.

These boxes that we are often put in are hard to escape from sometimes. We stay because we do not know how to step out of them. One unfailing thing I do know about boxes though is that they are all limiting to our truest nature.

Fasinasyon Marsha Parcou

Escaping my boxes, shining my truest self.

As an adult, I have not only had to find ways to escape the boxes, but I have had to understand the fundamental mechanics of the process of escaping to be able to break free so that I could become my true, authentic self.

I believe that everyone, myself included, is responsible for everything that happens in our lives, both the best and the worst. Each one of us can create and give meaning to our experiences through our thoughts and feelings.

The book is about my journey, my different experiences throughout different phases of my life, and the lessons

learned along the way. The reality here is that you will always be put in a box, but you do not always have to stay

in it.

Fanm Fasinasyon Marsha Parcou


Why buy my book ?

As an adult and a coach, I've not only had to find a way to escape the boxes I was put in, but I've had to understand the fundamental mechanics of this process to be able to be of service to others. As a result of this personal and insightful approach to coaching, my clients experience a shift in their lives and learn:

  • to accept and embrace who they are.
  • the importance of good health through self- care practices. 
  • to accept what they can’t control
  • that life is all about ups and downs, and that’s okay
  • how to sing to their own songs 
  • to follow their dreams no matter what 

and most of all, they are shining their light!


Becoming a Fanm Fasinasyon has been envisaged especially for you, to help you to become the best you can be. It's every woman's ‘must have’ book. 

  • There is a message for everyone
  • The book takes you on a Journey which spans from the last quarter of the 20th century to the 21st century, allowing women of all ages to relate to a story
  • My life experiences shared from a very early age make it an authentic and inspirational instrument to help others get out of their boxes and embark on the shaping of their lives.
  • The book is filled with true life lessons of a resilient woman. It is filled with wisdom and offers lessons in self-confidence, reliance and respect.
  • The book gives you the opportunity to learn from mypersonal experiences and challenging situations which can serve as a learning experience and encouragement for others.

Main take aways from the book:

Our lives are usually conducted by a set of beliefs, and they can sometimes limit us and keep us away from our true calling.
Fear and excuses aer holding you more back than anything else. The secret of life though is to fall seven times and get up eight times.


Marsha Parcou Fasinasyon Seychelles