Do it yourself

How to make changes that last, and get you exited about life again

"Do it Yourself" is a three-part training programme that helps you find the strength and courage to make life changes without waiting for a hero to save you, or for
life to change itself.

This training teaches us how to reflect, reset and re-focus our attitudes and how to change the way we approach the world.

We learn that lasting, positive change is always within our reach should we be able to understand where we want to go, commit ourselves to action and take responsibility for
making something new happen.

Below you’ll find the videos that you can watch at your own pace. Before you watch, download your FREE workbook to help you along the way. Here is your chance to unlock the possibilities and find the confidence to pursue the life you really want.

Fasinasyon Marsha Parcou

Let's Start

Waking up every day and going through the same routine is boring. You want things to change – but when will they change?
When will you get rid of stress and invite peace into your life?
When will you keep allowing everyone and everything to dictate how you should live your life?
When will you say enough is enough?
When will you realise, that this is YOUR life?

Part 1: Where do you want to go?

We were created for a purpose. I’m here to remind you that you have passions, talents and skills that were given to you so you can share it with the world.
Imagine a doctor told you – today is the last day of your life. What would you do?

Session 2: How will it all work out?

We all have dreams and desires in life. But a dream is just a dream if we do not act. What is stopping you from having this life you so desperately want?
It’s fear. Imagine your life without fear, with barriers or limitations – what would you do? What would you accomplish?

Session 3: Commitment

How many times do you secretly say to yourself, I want more. Probably a lot. Yet how many times do you also tell yourself that you are not ready? – to leave your comfort zone, to leave that friendship, or leave that job.

What excuses do you tell yourself? Why are you not ready? The more you say these things to yourself, the more you are going to postpone your dream.


Thank you for your time. My prayer and my wish are to help you discover your purpose in life, and to help you find the strength and courage it takes to live the life you were created for.

If you are ready to beat limiting beliefs and start make lasting changes in your life – I am your accountability partner. Find out more about my coaching or book a free discovery call with me today.

Marsha Parcou Fasinasyon Seychelles