What is Fanm Fasinasyon?

Fanm Fasinasyon is a movement for all Seychellois women.

Through it, I empower and inspire each one of you to become fascinated with who you are as a woman. That means accepting and embracing your natural self regardless of your perceived imperfections.

It's time to turn the tables and break out of self doubt, that "not enough" pattern, that "victim" mentality! It’s all about the journey of self-discovery...

Fanm Fasinasyon is all about journeying together.

Why Fanm Fasinasyon?

Today's society puts immense pressure on women. I admire any woman who doesn’t let the high demands and expectations get them down.

Deep down we all know that we should not let culture and society dictate our self-worth, but how often do we still allow it to do so?

Fanm Fasinasyon exists to show women where their beauty really lies.

Our culture and society rarely make us feel good about ourselves, but through working together, WE WILL!

Fasinasyon Marsha Parcou

Who is Fanm Fasinasyon?

Every woman is Fanm Fasinasyon in the making.

Signs that you are becoming a Fanm Fasinasyon include:

  • that you are on a journey of self-discovery
  • that you are nurturing self love & self respect
  • that you care for your mind, body & soul
  • that you have a positive influence in the world around you that you embrace your uniqueness, strengths & weaknesses that you live with meaning & purpose
  • that you show resilience & strength
  • A Fanm Fasinasyon could be a woman who is slimmer or curvier, tall or short or of any nation or creed.

A Fanm Fasinasyon is a woman like you!


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Marsha Parcou Fasinasyon Seychelles