Seychellois life coach and entrepreneur Marsha Parcou launches autobiographical self-help book

A new book written by Seychellois Marsha Parcou about her journey as a woman and the challenges faced in life and how to overcome them was launched on Saturday. Entitled 'Becoming a Fanm Fasinasyon' (a fascinating woman) the book, which was launched at the Chatter Box Café, is part of Parcou's mission to inspire other women from all walks of life.

The autobiography also includes self-help advice for readers. Parcou told SNA that she has been coaching women for the past two years and what she has observed is that every woman faces similar challenges. "It could be in your relationship or in your marriage where you want to become the best version of yourself. Whatever it is, I've noticed that all women have challenges and we are all looking for the same things love, peace, certainty and being significant.

But somehow it could be a past experience that makes you feel stuck.... That's what I said in the book," she said. Parcou, who is also a shareholder and co-owner with her husband of Chatterbox Café on Eden Island, is an experienced health and life coach - a type of wellness professional who helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment.

Fanm Fasinasyon Marsha Parcou

Parcou said that 'Becoming a Fanm Fasinasyon' was created to empower other women in Seychelles. (Juliette Dine) Photo License: CC-BY "The reality is we will always be put in a box. We will always see ourselves in a situation but we don't have to stay in the box. So, the feedback I received from my clients through messages describing how their lives have changed for the better, has moved me and inspired me to write my personal story and to make something beautiful out of it, to inspire other women," added Parcou.

On the chosen title, 'Becoming a Fanm Fasinasyon' Parcou said that Fasinasyon is her brand and created that theme to empower other women in Seychelles. She is encouraging women to a community "where you can be yourself without feeling like you're being judged. Where we can support and empower each other. For me, I believe that there is no greater power than to empower other women.

So, my story about Fasinasyon is all part of my goal to inspire other women and other people to believe that you can step out of the boxes you are more than your past, your past is not your home." In the book, Parcou also writes about the Seychelles' conservative environment and the effect it can have on people. "In my teens I was overweight and as a young adult, I had to deal with validation and cultural boxes. In Seychelles people tend to judge each other and sometimes if you don't do what your friends do you will feel like you are an outcast and you don't feel like you belong," she said.

This kind of perception has an impact on many women, especially the fear of being judged, said Parcou. She also writes about the different phases in her life and what she has learned, the challenges she faced and how has used all the challenges to help her to become what she is today. For her first book, Parcou received help from PR specialist Sasha Alis and the author Glynn Burridge, among other people. "It's been a journey, it's been a bit scary to put some chapters of my life out in the open, especially about my childhood but even though it is scary I see it as a healing process as well.

The book can be purchased at local bookstores like Antigone bookshop and Chanterelle. The book is also available at Chatterbox Café and on Amazon.

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