Minister Zialor eyeing women empowerment projects with Marsha Parcou, receives copy of her book

Youth, Sports and Family Minister Marie-Celine Zialor met with entrepreneur and author Marsha Parcou on Tuesday at the Family House, Bel Eau following the launch of her new autobiography entitled ‘Becoming a Fanm Fasinasyon ‒ My Journey’.

Minister Zialor commended Marsha on her book launch and expressed her eagerness to read Marsha's journey, citing autobiographies as her favourite genre.

Since the minister holds the gender portfolio through family department and Marsha's book consists of self-help advice for women, discussions focused on means to empower women.

Minister Zialor noted that the number of referrals seeking psychotherapeutic services for women victims of emotional, psychological and sexual abuse is alarming and stressed that more needs to be done to empower women.

"Most of these clients are professional women who we assume are level-headed. The ministry does not have the internal capacity to address this alone, thus we want to partner with organisations to lead the change," Minister Zialor said.

Marsha, who previously hosted two seminars targetting women, expressed her interest to be part of this change through means of her life coach business.

The two further discussed the possibility of creating a network of mindfulness coaches to support and promote mind, body and soul. With Minister Zialor's vision of making Seychelles a regional hub for gender-related matters, they both explored ways to reach both the local and the international platforms.

At the end of the meeting, Marsha presented a copy of her book to Minister Zialor.

Contributed by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Family

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