First Lady meets Marsha Parcou, receives copy of her newly launched autobiography

First Lady Linda Ramkalawan on Thursday met with entrepreneur and author Marsha Parcou following the launch of her new autobiography entitled ‘Becoming a Fanm Fasinasyon - My Journey’.
During their talks at the Family House , Bel Eau, Ms Parcou presented Mrs Ramkalawan with a copy of her book.

Mrs Ramkalawan congratulated Ms Parcou on her achievements, and together they discussed the different themes in the book centered around women's empowerment.

The autobiography includes self-help advice about lifestyle, career, spirituality, relationships, and social media.
To Ms Parcou, the book is an extension of her life coaching business which she started two years ago.

“In the book, I share my personal journey and how I adapted to the changes I needed to make in order to fulfill my purpose and my goal is to motivate women to accomplish theirs,” she said.
Aside from the one-on-one sessions, Ms Parcou also hosts seminars targeting women and young girls. She previously hosted two – one targeting women entrepreneurs in small enterprises, the other on motherhood. She said she is looking into possible collaborations to host two more seminars before the end of this year.
Mrs Ramkalawan commended Ms Parcou’s service as she feels there is a lack of outlets for women to seek advice and help. She also reflected on her personal journey on how motivation and support from others can uplift and empower someone to build confidence and take on leadership roles.

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