Healthy Living As A Lifestyle

Why I am writing this chapter? Every single challenge, obstacle, emotional, mental, and physical defeat that I have encountered since I was a teenager and, through adolescence, on my health and fitness journey has moulded and shaped me to become the woman I am today. I am asked regularly what are my secrets to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying in shape? Where do I find my find inspiration? How do I stay motivated?

My weight loss journey began in my early adulthood, over 20 years ago. I remember as a child I was a skinny and active girl. I did not like to sit still, almost as if I had ants in my pants as my husband likes to say! I used to play with the kids in my neighborhood, climb trees after school, and create our activities. Mind you, at that time there were no social media, nor any TV and we had little option but to keep ourselves busy in nature or our parnts' backyards.



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